The Campfire

Welcome to the campfire.  My name is Brandon and I will be the storyteller for today.  I love our little world and I love adventure.  I also like to read about adventures in other worlds, including legendary stories such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, Stephen King, and so on.


In ancient times, we used to live in small communities called villages.  In these villages, we would gather at night to share stories both true and fictional over a campfire.  This blog is my campfire that I hope to share with all of you.

I have FOUR main goals for this campfire:

(1) To inspire others to travel by writing about my own frequent adventures

  • Provide details on secret gems hidden in plain site
  • Provide tips to schedule, save money, and make it happen
  • Help others fulfill some items on their bucketlist

(2) To practice my writing skills and help the reader see this beautiful world through a different set of eyes

  • I have kept a journal for almost every day for the past seven years.  This is good practice, but I want to share my stories with others.
  • I believe in today more than tomorrow.  I like to make things happen.  I get out almost every weekend for a new adventure, and plan longer excursions throughout the year

(3) To build an audience for my own self-published books soon to be released

  • If you like what you read, PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  The more readers and feedback I receive from these stories, the better my future novels will be.
  • I have a seven-part series already planned out that will be published over the course of the next ten years.
  • Book 1 should be edited and published by Summer 2018

(4) To receive comments and input for future adventures, and then go do them!

  • If you click on the NEXT ADVENTURE tab, you can request a new adventure for me to embark on.  I will then respond with my ideas, and then report back once I have returned.  I will go “there and back again”…

Again, please share my stories with your loved ones, and lets share some experiences and comments together to more fully enrich our lives 🙂

Hakuna Matata,