Star Wars 8 Survey

Greetings, The time is swiftly approaching!  The next epic film in the third Trilogy of Star Wars is coming out in two weeks. There are many different theories out there pertaining to the obvious questions that arose in Episode 7.  I have created a survey that lists many of these questions with possible answers.  The … Continue reading Star Wars 8 Survey

Weekend – Blue Lake Utah

So here we go.  First post about an actual, real-life adventure. Last Saturday my roommate (whom we will call Tom) and I took our pups to Blue Lake Utah. I met a random guy about four months back who said he was a deep-water diver and spear-fisherman.  These are two hobbies you don't typically hear … Continue reading Weekend – Blue Lake Utah

Blogging – A New Adventure

Hello Friends,  This is my first step in the journey of blogging.  This site is finally in semi-working order, and I need to complete my first post. If you have ever even thought for half a second about blogging, I have three words for you - Do It. It's pretty awesome, and pretty dang easy.  … Continue reading Blogging – A New Adventure