hammockBrandon was born in Colorado Springs CO into a military family on 22 September 1990.  He was raised with two families, his parents divorced and both remarried.  This essentially meant two furnished bedrooms and two Christmases, so it wasn’t a bad gig.  He has three siblings in either family, making him the eldest of seven children.  He loves his family, and strives to be an example to his five brothers and one sister (finally!).

Both of his families served our awesome country in the United States military, including the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.  Throughout his childhood, he called many different places home, including Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Guam (still U.S. territory), North Dakota, Las Vegas Nevada, Idaho, Utah, California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Each place provided him with many new experiences, friendships, lifestyles, climates, and interests.

Since he was a child, he always had a passion for reading, fiction movies, adventure, and school.  He always loved school, particularly math.  He was the kid that would sleep in Algebra class, then wake up to ace the test.  Yeah, no one likes that kid.  Oh well.

He started playing electric guitar in middle school, then started cross country and wrestling in high school.  Since high school he has continued to dabble in music and running (but no more wrestling because he enjoys eating too much).  He has recorded songs and lyrics of his own, and ran in multiple marathons, triathlons, duathlons, and shorter races.  He ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 with a time of 3:03:00 in 103 degree-F weather (F is for Fahrenheit, not “frocking hot”).  He is aiming to complete a full Ironman triathlon in July 2018.

Also after high school, he attended Colorado State University for 6.5 years to acquire two degrees in Civil Engineering (BS and MS).  Soon after graduation in Dec 2015, he was hired with J-U-B ENGINEERS in Twin Falls ID, where he currently works and loves his job.

He is a single dad to two children (of the “canine” persuasion) named Toby (blue heeler mix) and Nala (husky wolf mix).  Oh, and he has a cat named Lucy.  She is cool too.

wakeBrandon still loves reading, running, and math which is pretty much all he does now.  He also loves traveling around the U.S. and other countries when given the chance.  He hopes to publish his books, continue to contribute to society through engineering, travel the world, and find his best friend in female-form to marry and raise a family with (both human and canine children).

If you have any other questions for Brandon, please check out the Contact page and reach out!