Star Wars 8 Survey

Greetings, The time is swiftly approaching!  The next epic film in the third Trilogy of Star Wars is coming out in two weeks. There are many different theories out there pertaining to the obvious questions that arose in Episode 7.  I have created a survey that lists many of these questions with possible answers.  The … Continue reading Star Wars 8 Survey

My Books – “Prism – Chapter 5”

V Violet II In front of him were the highest peaks, screaming up towards the sky with shocking rapidity. To his right was a small town of cabin homes. He held himself in his own arms. Glad to be done falling. Sad to be so cold. He took a step to the homes, almost hoping … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapter 5”

My Books – “Prism – Chapter 4”

IV Violet I Zan continued to fall. The feeling of feathers in his chest had faded only slightly since the start. His speed was impossible to tell for he had nothing to compare it to. He could see nothing. He knew that speed was only a measurement of traveling a certain distance in a specific … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapter 4”

My Books – “Prism – Chapter 3”

III Colorless III The mural on the wall was not a tangle of random lines. They created shapes. Shapes from a real model of what looked like multiple cities on a piece of land. Cities that ranged in purpose and size, though in no particular order. Many lines were still jumbled. The correct pattern of … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapter 3”

My Books – “Prism – Chapter 2”

II Colorless II His feet carried him forward. Desires kept appearing within, seeming to spill from someplace else. From the outside. But outside from where? he asked himself. He wasn't sure where that thought had come from. He chased after the two spheres, noticing this hallway was also straight and narrow. Soon he came into another room … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapter 2”

My Books – “Prism – Chapter 1”

I "Colorless I" Zan woke up. All around him was a new world, one he had never seen before. The colors were bland; nothing special. He was lying in his back, the cool, metal ground chilling him to the bone. He was in a thin white top and bottom cloth, but still felt naked. He … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapter 1”

My Books – “Prism – Chapters 2 & 3”

Ciao! I have completed the second and third chapters of my story "Prism".  The introduction is now complete.  Zan will wake up in Chapter 4 to a whole new set of puzzles.  They are short reads, so please check them out when you have about ten minutes. I will aim to complete at least one … Continue reading My Books – “Prism – Chapters 2 & 3”

Deep Thoughts – Speed of Light No Longer the Limit?!

Whoa. I don't know about you, but I love relativity.  I also love Albert Einstein, the man who dedicated his life to exploring this facet of science.  He believed that the speed of light was a universal constant in our universe ( speed of light is about 300,000,000 meters per second). Has this just been … Continue reading Deep Thoughts – Speed of Light No Longer the Limit?!