Deep Thought – TV and Heaven

Image result for tv and heavenDo you think our incessant watching of television is a prediction of our eternity?

Think about it.  Many of us (and mostly Americans) spend countless hours of our lives in front of the television, or “boob-tube”.  It has even been compared to an altar like in Biblical times, where instead of sacrificing our animals that represented our ‘time and effort’, we now literally sacrifice our time, the TV often sitting upon an ‘altar’.

Not only that, but what is usually on TV?  It is either the fiction or non-fiction lives of others.  We watch the lives of those more-fortunate and less-fortunate than our own.  We dream about better lives, and feel sorry for those with worse lives.

What if that will be the eternities?  Not “heaven” per say, but what if eternity is residing in a certain degree of light forever, while watching the progress and lives of others above and below you?  Aiming to help those who chose lesser lives, and always watching those who made better choices in life and inherited more power and glory?

So how about instead of watching TV so much (some TV is chill), and wasting our time, how about we get out there and make our lives better, and improve the lives of others?

Just a thought 🙂


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