Deep Thought – TV and Heaven

Do you think our incessant watching of television is a prediction of our eternity? Think about it.  Many of us (and mostly Americans) spend countless hours of our lives in front of the television, or "boob-tube".  It has even been compared to an altar like in Biblical times, where instead of sacrificing our animals that … Continue reading Deep Thought – TV and Heaven

Weekend – Blue Lake Utah

So here we go.  First post about an actual, real-life adventure. Last Saturday my roommate (whom we will call Tom) and I took our pups to Blue Lake Utah. I met a random guy about four months back who said he was a deep-water diver and spear-fisherman.  These are two hobbies you don't typically hear … Continue reading Weekend – Blue Lake Utah

Blogging – A New Adventure

Hello Friends,  This is my first step in the journey of blogging.  This site is finally in semi-working order, and I need to complete my first post. If you have ever even thought for half a second about blogging, I have three words for you - Do It. It's pretty awesome, and pretty dang easy.  … Continue reading Blogging – A New Adventure