cropped-moab1.jpgHome is a good thing.

It’s a good place to set your goals in life.  These are my goals with this blog:

  1.  To write stories about my adventures so others can enjoy them, and even recreate them.
  2. To build an audience that likes my writing in preparation for the release of my seven-part book series “Litiguh”.
  3. To share random ‘deep’ thoughts that, if interesting, may appear in my future books.

Throughout my adventures, I have realized something.  Life is not always meant to be comfortable.  Life in this little world is meant for growth, experiences, and choice.  In order to fulfill our meaning of life, we must venture out of our comfort zones and Explore the Kingdom.

What is the Kingdom?  Well, as the great Mufasa once said, “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”  Wise words.

Light touches our planet, allowing growth and nourishment, along with spectacular sights.  I mean, really think about it.  Without light, NOTHING you know would exist.

Light also includes the light within us.  The light of knowledge, and the light of experience.

This is the essence of my book series “Litiguh”.  It will explore many different characteristics of light through Ammon in the world of Proelum.

Join us for stories, read about my lifestyle which makes these adventures possible, or check out the status on my books (soon to be published)  🙂

Hakuna Matata,